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By default this folder does not exist.

fra77’s Asio Embedded

dspLoad 4.30

Asio 8in+outputs. All other Asio modules (in Project window) must be deleted!

Planetz download

fra77’s Fx configurator

dspLoad 1.80

19 possible configurations to change the order of the 6 stereo in/outputs.

Planetz download

j9k noteText, available on Ben Walker’s website

spaceF text Modular, available on Ben Walker’s website

nine color variations. color can be selected by using the pot on the right.

available in 2 versions, one with the ability to rember text in presets, and one without.

color is always remembered.

CWM download

same as above, but bigger.

CWM download

MVC midi text, with Midi indicator on the right side.

CWM download