Sequencer Devices:

audiorate sequencers, eg to be used with the RackSynth1 device.

Clock: selectable start bar and length (range 1-16).
You have to connect the Ramp's clk out to the clk in of the Sequencer devices below to make them working.
GateSeq: Step length can be set to a fixed value, or to individual length values.
ControlSeq Notes: outputs note values in range of -/+24 steps. Glide can be set to a fixed value, or to individual values.

ControlSeq Unipolar: outputs unipolar control values.

ControlSeq Bipolar: outputs bipolar control values.
SeqClock Visualizer: shows clock activity.

All sequencer devices have Swing control, controls for pattern copy/paste, and a textfield for notes.
To avoid speaker damage by auto-connecting the devices to mixer, all devices are set to Off by default (button top right).
Don't connect the output of any of these devices to a mixer!
It's low voltage signals can hurt your gear and ears.
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