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S|C: PitchSEQ module see here, CellularAutomata see here.

Flexor: Ramp modules see here, ControlSeq and NoteSeq modules here, GateSeq modules here.

Default installation path S|C sequencer modules: ...Seq/

Default installation path Flexor sequencer modules: .../-=Flexor=-/Sequencers/

StartStop module: [Out]-> start/Stop of clockDivider + reset of seq modules.

to restart S|C seq modules on every note-on , a GateOR module has to be connected like this:

to restart Flexor seq modules on every note-on , a Ramp module has to be connected to MVC:

SyncStation is an allround module for syncing S|C and Flexor seq modules.

S|C seq modules [reset] have to be connected to SyncStation's [reset], see picture.

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