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S|C: PitchSEQ module see here, CellularAutomata see here.

Flexor: Ramp modules see here, ControlSeq and NoteSeq modules here, GateSeq modules here.

Default installation path S|C sequencer modules: ...Seq/

Default installation path Flexor sequencer modules: .../-=Flexor=-/Sequencers/

StartStop module: [Out]-> start/Stop of clockDivider + reset of seq modules.

to restart S|C seq modules on every note-on , a GateOR module has to be connected like this:

to restart Flexor seq modules on every note-on , a Ramp module has to be connected to MVC:

SyncStation is an allround module for syncing S|C and Flexor seq modules.

S|C seq modules [reset] have to be connected to SyncStation's [reset], see picture.

dspLoad  21.90/18.70/18.70               CWM download

With RampCwmFA you can sync Cwm (and Flexor) seq modules to DAW tempo.
Just connect RampOut of this module to RampIn of other seq modules.
Don't forget to set  the same  tempo both in DAW and in this module.
Sample frequency is automatically adjusted (thanks Shark).
This module uses the same circuit as the Clock device.  
It's called FA because it's circuit is based on Frequency Addition.

CWM download