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Seq: Note

By default this folder does not exist.

usage: PitchSEQ out-> PitchModifier PModIn

range: -36 to +36

Default installation path: ...Seq/

dspLoad: 0.00

FreqOut->[ControlSmoother]>Osc FreqIn. Monophonic. Default installation path: .../-=Flexor=-/Sequencers/

dspLoad 40.70/37.60/-

as above; new Pattern management, “draws” melodies with the mouse.

Max.Poly: 2

Default installation path: .../-=Flexor=-/Sequencers/

dspLoad 40.10/36.80/-

sync seq module which outputs frequencies, to be connected to OSCs.

Random note sequence:
It's called FavouriteRandomNotes because you can set 8 notes from which the random algorithm creates notes for the sequence.
'RampVisu' button to see ramp activity.

Up to 128 pattern can be stored/recalled, also by MIDI (press 'MidiPS' button to activate this and set Midi channel).
Presets for Note Sequence and FavRandomNotes.

Cwm download