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Cellular Automata: Default installation path S|C sequencer modules: ...Seq/

Multi-gate out sequencer where you can freely define the order of the "cells" (= seq steps).


[Gt]: connect with MVC to start sequence

[Freq]: connect with freq divider to define sequence tempo

[binGat]: outputs binary format of current step

[CV-Out bi]: outputs sync bipolar control signal. connect it with a Flexor seq module RampIn if you like.

[CV-Out uni]: outputs sync unipolar control signal.

Text Boxes 1-15 [1-16]: defines the next seq step after the current step is played.

Text Boxes 16 [1-16;Rand]: defines the next seq step after the current step is played. by choosing [Rand], random seqences can be achieved.

[Gt0-16]: outputs gate messages.

dspLoad 56.90

Seq: Gate

All gate sequencer modules here.

Default installation path S|C gate sequencer modules: ...Seq/Gate

Default installation path Flexor gate sequencer modules: .../-=Flexor=-/Gate

look here how to use this module in sequencer patches.

dspLoad: 0.00

simple gate seq module.

dspLoad: 0.00

GateSeq2 has step-hold buttons. To use this feature, GateOut must be connected to an ADSR envelope.

dspLoad: 0.00

Length control + LengthMod control.


dspLoad 37.70/34.40/-

as above; new Pattern management.

Max.Poly: 2  

dspLoad 36.80/33.70/-

Sync seq module which outputs gate messages.

additional feature: length controls for each step (for ADSR EGs).
Random gates can be created. 'RampVisu' button to see ramp activity.

Up to 128 pattern can be stored/recalled, also by MIDI (press 'MidiPS' button to activate this and set Midi channel).
GateOn value (sync):0, GateOff: 10

CWM download