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"The Sample Pool gives you the capability to integrate several samples into your patch in a simple manner. When you load a sample, it becomes a component ot the patch.

Therefore, the storage requirements of the patch rise depending on the size of the integrated samples. On the other hand, now you don’t have to pay attention to where your samples are stored on your hard disk - whether they are in the correct location or not. Also, this design has the advantage of ensuring that the patch always contains the correct samples when it is transferred to another computer." (Modular III manual)

Default installation path: .../Pool


Load: load a sample

Save Pool: saves pool in *.mdl format

Export: save currently selected sample

Remove: delete currently selected sample

Remove All: deletes all samples from pool (not harddrive)

"Partials" pool

"Saw Pulse Detuned" pool

"Standard" pool