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Main directory: modules that by default are not installed in other folders.

Default installation path: ...OSC/

dspLoad 7.20/4.00/4.00

short audio shots, fed into a lp which is able to go into self-oscillation.

dspLoad 6.50/3.30/3.30

as above, w/o Freq and FreqMod controls.

dspLoad 34.10/30.30

qualified osc for time travelling.

mp3 one, two

dspLoad 38.90/35.10

as above, but w/ mod inputs for evry parameter.

This module produces a single shot of the shortest possible bipolar sound. It generates a shot of 1 sample up and 1 sample down. It is useful for synthesizing percussive sounds, as well as excitation of feedback

delay lines such as comb filters and resonators.

dspLoad 4.10/7.40/4.10                                     poly: 16

dspLoad 32.00/28.80

double Osc: OscA w/ Saw and Pulse, OscB with Saw, Pulse and Tri waves.

[Sync] A<-B option,

[KYBD]= OscB don’t react on freq (if OscA is synced, the whole module doesn’t react on freq);

[low] =OscB is transposed -48;

[ABfreqSplit button]= if activated, OscB reacts on freqInB.;

[Xfade] for volume OscA<->B.

dspLoad 3.20/6.50/3.20

actually a comb filter. Without a signal fed in, no sound is produced.

Typical connections:

FreqIn: MVC, PitchSeq

In: noise, drumloops, etc.

dspLoad 9.10/5.90/5.90

dspLoad 12.50/5.60/2.50

64 waveform sets, each containing 64 waveforms.

dspLoad 17.80/15.20/14.90

Waldorf Osc with shape and PW controls and modulation.

created by 3rd party developer rcaia.

planetz download