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OSC: Saw

Default installation path: .../OSC/Saw

dspLoad  2.50/5.60/2.50

dspLoad  2.50/5.60/2.50

dspLoad 2.80/6.10/2.80

aliasing OSC like Flexor’s NBL Aliasaw.          

dspLoad 1.20/1.10/1.20

CWM download

dspLoad 8.20/5.00/5.00

SupersawNBL :

“modelled after the roland supersaw oscillator sound. normally Roland is 7/6 stage, this one is 3 stage...but very similar sound and tuning options..” (quote hifiboom )

module made by hifiboom.

planetz download

different “Attenuation” settings of hifiboom’s  Supersaw NBL osc.