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Mostly modules for frequency and pitch modulation.

Main directory: modules that by default are not installed in other folders.

outputs various voltages. [ModIn] has to be fed with some input, else all outputs have the same voltage (the input CV).

dspLoad 13.20/10.00/9.90

similiar to above, but just one output, with

mod settings: mod, 0.8, 0.6, 0.4, 0.2 x mod

dspLoad 13.70/10.40/10.40

Input with higher output is sent to [Max] output, input with lower output to [Min] output.

dspLoad 0.60/0.50/2.50

[out] = x modulo y, meaning out is the remainder on division of x by y. Offset input.

dspLoad 6.20/3.00/3.00

provides random values if a [gate] message is received.

Range and Offset controls.

dspLoad 9.30/6.10/6.00

If [In] is inside Min-Max range:

[AC] is max

[Inv] is 0

[Out] is max

If [In] is outside Min-Max range:

[AC] is min

[Inv] is max

[Out] is 0

So, [AC] can have values -1 and +1,

[Inv] and [Out] can have values 0 and +1.

dspLoad 3.60/2.90/1.60

as above, but mod inputs instead of  controls.

dspLoad 3.60/2.90/1.60