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In telecommunications, modulation and demodulation is used for the transmission of signals. Modulation in radio communications means varying one signal in relation to another, using a high-frequency sinus wave as a carrier wave to convey the actual signals which have to be sent. After the process of modulating, another device has to de-modulate the signal again.

Amplitude  modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM) are well-known methods for modulating/demodulating signals.

Default installation path: .../Effects/ModDemod/

dspLoad 9.20/5.80/5.90

mp3 with var. settings for A and R.

dspLoad 29.50/26.30/26.20

freq control range for Carrier, Filter, and Center freq is 0-20kHz.

mp3: various Carrier, Filter + Center freq tweaks

dspLoad 14.10/10.90/10.90

wave A+B: sin, tri, sawUp, sawDn, squ

range frqA and B: 0-20kHz

extM and extD: ext sound processing modules can be connected here (out->ext module, ext module->in; press resp. button to hear the effect)

mp3: DrLp, generous tweaking of all parameters

AM Mod/Demod module (Att=1) with sine input; various zoom levels. above:dry, below: fx