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Mix&Gain: Modifier

Modules for basic signal modifying.

dspLoad 0.70

dspLoad 0.70

"Removes the DC component of an incoming signal (if it contains one). A signal containing a DC component is not

symmetrical around the zero line (y axis).

When viewed, it is shifted either up or down. The DC blocking filter corrects this so that the waveform lies symmetrically above and below the zero line. After this

correction the signal requires some amplification to restore its amplitude. Use one of the amplifier modules for this." (ModIII Manual)

dspLoad 1.80/1.90/5.00

Three modes:

1. normal 2. half wave rectifier (ignores negative parts of signal) 3. full wave rectifier (inverts negative parts of signal) dspLoad 1.00

dspLoad 0.40

dspLoad 1.00

splits any input signal into four segments, depending on their amplitude; thresholds are determined by the Lev2-4 controls. dspLoad 3.70/2.90/2.00

as above; threshold is the external signal which is fed into the [Lev2-4] inputs

dspLoad 9.50/6.20/6.20

input value manipulation module:

"min" and "max" values define range.

"val1" defines value within range, "val2" outside range.

All values can be defined internally or by external signal. CWM download                                         dspLoad 4.90

modifies signal range.

All values can be defined internally or by external signal. CWM download                                         dspLoad 2.20

Separate outputs for positive and negative parts of the signal.

CWM download                                         dspLoad 2.20

"This module is useful when dealing with unipolar signals such as envelopes and constant values. It inverts only the positive amplitude range of an incoming signal, so a value of 0 amplitude becomes 1 (maximum amplitude) and a value of 1 becomes 0 (minimum amplitude). It is ideal for creation of inverted envelopes and other unipolar control signals."   (Flexor Manual)                Max. Polyphony: 16

dspLoad 0.90

Default installation path: ../Tools/Control/