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Mix&Gain: MixMatrix

By default this folder does not exist.

Flexor modules default installation folder: .../-=Flexor=-/Tools/Mix n Route/

Modules for routing and mixing audio or -more often- modulation signals.

"routing matrix with 4 inputs that are routed and mixed to any of its 4 outputs. This makes this module ideal for implementing very complex routing schemes. Matrix 4x4 also has 128 editable routing patterns that you can customize to instantly switch between different routing schemes. (Flexor Manual)          

dspLoad 6.50/5.80/4.50                                       poly:16

same as above, with 8 in & outputs.

dspLoad 16.90/13.70/13.70                                   poly:6

4x4 mixmatrix with randomize function and "All Zero" button to force all controls to value 0.

128 patterns can be selected via "Pattern" control.

Inputs are connected through for daisy-chaining several matrices.

Preset list 1 for all values; list 2 for naming input sources.

dspLoad  11.00/7.80/7.90

CWM download   

Switch/value matrix hybrid:

-8 inputs can be routed to 3 matrix inputs.

-input text for each of the 8 inputs, which can be edited in a separate panel (click “rename”).

-the upper input pads are connected through to the pads on the bottom of the module, to connect multiple valMat8x3x4 modules with the same modulation inputs.

dspLoad  8.70/5.60/5.50

CWM download   

All cwm matrices' outputs have fb destroyers, so any matrix input can connected to itself, if wanted (eg lfo out -> lfo rateMod).

j9k m2 mat ng 8x8 3011p

8x8 mixmatrix


feedback destroyer

dezip control

dspLoad 20.40/17.10/17.20

module is available on Ben Walker’s website.

j9k atomic switch 1006p and 5511switch 1009p sm:

32in 12out resp. 55in 11out switch matrices.

dspLoad 0.00

module is available on Ben Walker’s website.