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Mix&Gain: Mix

Default installation path S|C: .../Mix&Gain/Mix/

Default installation path Flexor: .../-=Flexor=-/Tools/Mix n Route/

Modules for mixing audio and modulation signals.

4-channel stereo mixer w/ pan controls; Single mode only.

dspLoad 6.60/5.80/4.60

8-channel stereo mixer w/ pan controls, textfields and mute. Single mode only.

dspLoad  4.20/7.40/4.30

CWM download   

dspLoad 0.30                                          CWM download

dspLoad 0.30                                           

mix2 with inverse buttons + chain input.

dspLoad 1.30

CWM download   

dspLoad 1.10

dspLoad 1.70/1,70/4.90

"a simple fader driven mixer that mixes 16 inputs to one master fader out. It is possible to drag the mouse smoothly across the faders to adjust them. This module is ideal for additive synthesis, harmonic distortion and any other mixing task involving up to 16 signals." (Flexor manual) not to forget: pattern management

dspLoad 6.30/5.50/4.30

Poly 16

dspLoad 0.70

Inv controls to invert signal

dspLoad 2.50/5.80/2.50

Inv controls; bipolar>unipolar and unipolar>bipolar option

dspLoad 5.20/2.00/2.00

dspLoad 5.70/2.50/2.40

dspLoad 6.00/2.80/2.70

j9k 8stereo 1005p

8x2 mixer by j9k. bipolar gain. dezip control.

dspLoad 13.20/9.90/10.00

available on Ben Walker’s website

Adern ModMix modules:

Input Levels can be modulated.

ModMix2 dspLoad 8.40/5.20/5.20

ModMix4 dspLoad 13.10/9.90/9.90

ModMix8 dspLoad 22.30/19.10/19.00


Default installation path: ...Tools/Mix n Route/