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MIDI: Clock

Default installation path: .../MIDI/Clock/

second output of clockDiv and clockDivB is unstable; clockDivC has no St/St input.

alternatives: SyncStationCWM below.

DspLoad 0.00

provides clock signal for clock divider modules and frequency signal for frequency divider modules.

due to  instability of ext MIDI clock from your seq host, always use the internal clock, esp. if used with freq divider connected to tempo delay modules.

DspLoad 0.00

all-in-one module for all kind of syncronization tasks.


For S|C sequencers, connect MVC gate to SyncStation's StSt input (top, left), and SyncStation reset out (top, right) to reset in of seq module. Clock signal as long as noteOn is provided.

DspLoad 21.90/18.70/18.70.      CWM download

if you copy Scope VSTClock_VSTPlug.dll into your vst plug in folder, and draw this plugIn into an audio track, it provides MidiClock.

dspLoad 0.00