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Filter: Lowpass

Default installation path S|C: .../Filter/Lowpass/

Default installation path Flexor: .../-=Flexor=-/Filters/Low-Pass/

dspLoad 1.10/1.10/1.00

(can also be used as a control signal smoother if cutoff frequency set very low)

as above; “smoothing frequencies” start from 200Hz downwards.                                     CWM download

dspLoad 3.50/6.80/3.50

dspLoad 8.70/5.60/5.50

can self-oscillate at maximum resonance setting, even without any input signal.

dspLoad 6.70/6.00/4.80

 “vintage” lp, level remains largely unchanged when resonance is increased.

dspLoad 8.70/5.60/5.50

Lp by hifiboom.

(reso mod: n/a)

dspLoad 12.70/9.50/9.50                                       poly:9

Planetz download

This is a one-pole (6db) low-pass filter. It is the basic building block of all the FleXor filters. It is ideal for creating your own filter combinations or when a mild filtering effect is needed. Its modulation inputs are optimized to receive audio-rate modulation sources.   (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 6.40/5.70/4.40                                       Poly:16

This is a three-pole (18dB) Low-Pass filter. It has internal filter saturation and a screaming resonance. The “rubbery" and “juicy” sound it imparts is great for classic acid type synthesizer riffs and basses.   (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad  31.30/28.10/28.10                                  Poly:4

This is a four-pole (24db) low-pass filter. Its classic, warm character is ideal for creating classic leads, bass sounds, pads and more. Its modulation inputs are optimized to receive audio-rate modulation sources (like oscillators) to create amazing filter modulation effects.   (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad dspLoad 23.30/20.00/20.10                      Poly:5

This is a ffour-pole (24db) low-pass filter with a unique feature: it enables free routing from any stage (1 to 4) within the internal filter structure, to be sent to the final audio output of the filter. The resonance has a unique sound character, as it is always fed-back from the fourth filter stage, no matter which stage is selected to be heard. This filter’s harmonic character is more complex than standard low-pass filters, making it ideal for interesting pad and lead sounds.   (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 19.70/16.40/16.50                                   Poly:7

This is a Six-Pole (36dB) Low-pass filter with a unique feature: It has 6 stages (1 to 6) in series and any of the stages can be assigned to the final audio output of the filter. The resonance has a very liquid sound that is always

internally fed-back from the sixth filter stage (regardless of

which stage is assigned to the output).   (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 29.00/25.70/-                                          Poly:4

This is an eight-pole (48db) low-pass filter. Its slope is twice as steep as the more common four-pole or 24db filter type. The deep slope produces an extreme result of filtered sound, and is great for quacking filters, wah-wahs, throaty bass-lines and other funky sounds. The unique FaT feature allows a rich and warm resonance saturation.  (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad  28.40/25.20/25.20                                  Poly:4

2 channel version of the above.

Max. polyphony: 12

CWM download