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LFO: Random

Default installation path:.../LFO/Random/

Modules which produce random values. (see also MultiLFOs with random waveform selected)

dspLoad 25.70/22.10/22.10

audio example: StormNoise  patch

Graph: Change=0, Chance=50, Rate=1.00Hz

Graph: Change=50, Chance=50, Rate=1.00Hz

Graph: Change=100, Chance=50, Rate=1.00Hz

dspLoad 25.70/22.10/22.10

Graph: Glide=0 Rate=50.00Hz

Graph: Glide=50, Rate=50.00Hz

Graph: Glide=75, Rate=50.00Hz

DspLoad 2.00/2.00/5.20

outputs smoothened and stepped random values.

dspLoad 3.80/6.90/3.80

classic sample&hold: the input is “sampled” (held) and output whenever a new gate or trigger signal is present at the Gate or Trig input. Threshold: determines the threshold level of the Trig input. If Gate/Trig knob is lit -> trigger input is active.

dspLoad 1.20/1.30/1.20

Similar to sample&hold. Input value is stored and will be output when a trig signal is received, first at out1, on next trigger on out2 and so on.

dspLoad 8.60/5.40/5.30