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All gate sending modules, except MVC and Sequencer modules.

All gate receiving modules, except Envelope and LFO modules.

Default installation path S|C: .../Gate/

Default installation path Flexor Audio2Gate: .../-=Flexor=-/Cv/

Default installation path Flexor ValFreezer: .../-=Flexor=-/Tools/Control/

outputs integer "1" (gateOn) if A>B. Sens=Hold time.

DspLoad: 0.50/2.30/1.80

outputs integer "1" (gateOn) if A>X. Sens=Hold time.

DspLoad: 0.50/2.30/1.80

Every time a gate message is received, a specified value (“Add”) is added to a base value (“Min”) up to the maximum value (“Max”). When the maximum value is reached, the procedure starts from the beginning.

dspLoad 7.00/3.80/3.70

Module converts incoming gate messages into audio impulses for osc sync.

dspLoad 0.30

gateOn if

(position AND) gateOn at both inputs

(position OR  ) gateOn at either input or both inputs

(position XOR) gateOn at either but not at both inputs.dspLoad 0.00

toggles between gateOut1 and 2 inputs.

dspLoad 8.50/5.20/5.20

delTime 0-10sec;                                          dspLoad 0.00

mode 0 = gateOn and gateOff are delayed

mode1= gateOn is delayed, gateOff is not delayed.

mode2= gateOn is not delayed, gateOff is delayed.

module not working reliably (version2009-12-15; a.o. bug when changing “count” val: error message)

dspLoad 15.70/12.10/12.10

outputs gateOn[Gout] resp. gateOff[!Gout] messages by chance.  [chance] control: hard left=min; hard right=max chanceinputs.

dspLoad 7.00/3.80/3.70

routes an incoming gate signal to one of the two gate outputs, depending on either their MidiNote or another unipolar control message fed into the Val input.

dspLoad 0.00

creates gate messages randomly at a given frequency. The frequency is controlled by a frequency signal connected to input f. the chance that the module will actually send out a gate message is controlled by the [Chn] control.

DspLoad:  9.50/6.30/6.30

generates gate messages randomly.

DspLoad:  2.40/5.60/2.30

creates gate messages depending on volume changes of the audio input: if input level exceeds thresh level =>gateOn; if input level is under thresh level => gateOn at the [!G] outputs. For easier editing, the L1 threshold setting can be copied to threshold 2 and 3 (Link2 resp. 3 buttons). In this case L2 resp. L3 controls are ignored. Threshold levels can be modified by signals connected to  the L1-L3 mod inputs, modulation amount is controlled by the L1-L3 mod controls.

DspLoad: 14.60/11.30/11.40

gateOn if a given threshold value of the audio input is reached. Time control: gap between gates. (monophonic)

Dsp load:  8.90/5.70/5.60

default installion path: ../CV/

"This module samples and holds the input signal when fed with a gate signal. When a gate on message is received, the module will freeze the incoming signal’s value on its current state, until a gate off message is received, and the effect is bypassed. When connected between a FleXor Ramp module and a sequencer module, it can be used as a Pause function. It can also transform an incoming LFO waveshape into various new shapes, by feeding the gate input with an additional, slower or faster, LFO." (Flexor Manual)

Max. Polyphony: 16                     dspLoad 6.70/3.60/3.50

Default installation path: ../Tools/Control/

Sends val 0 on gateOff and val 2 on gateOn.    dspLoad 0.00

CWM download

generates a definable value on GateOn and *0* on gateOff.

Positive integer values: please add *1*.   CWM download