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Frequency Shifter modules work by shifting all frequencies at a given amount. Previously harmonic sound structures will be transformed to inharmonic ones. Example: a source wave with 220Hz and 440 Hz components (harmonic)  shifted by +15Hz will become a wave with 235Hz and 455Hz components which are not harmonically related.

All three modules have inputs for modulating freq shift and a Range multiplier to finetune the effect.

Shift range from -24kHz to +24kHz.

Default installation path: .../Effects/Frequency/

dspLoad 12.10/9.00/9.00

Produces phase cancellations according to the (positive or negative) sign of the spectrum shift.

dspLoad 14.90/11.90/11.80

FreqencyShifter and mono Tempo delay.

Bug: negative Feedback is not working.

Bug: incorrect delaytimes.

Nevertheless a mighty fx module.

dspLoad 17.50/14.40/14.30

shifting all frequency components will result in inharmonic overtones, here: a 129Hz sawtooth wave with a harmonic series 258-387-516-645Hz etc. (green) is Frequency-shifted by 200Hz (red).  The result is a new fundamental at 329Hz and partials at 458, 587, 716Hz a.s.o., which are not harmonically related.