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Envelope modules: Flexor "Vintage"

Default installation path: ...-=Flexor=-/Envelopes/Vintage/

"(..) Hyper-fast envelope whose curve has a vintage style. It is extremely punchy, and optimized for percussive sounds." (Flexor manual)

The Mod version provides attack and decay time modulation.

VintageAR            DspLoad: 11.00/7.80/7.90  Poly:16

VintageAR Mod     DspLoad: 12.80/9.60/9.50  Poly:16

The Mod version provides attack, decay, release time and sustain level modulation.

VintageADSR          DspLoad: 22.40/19.10/19.20  Poly:7

VintageADSR Mod   DspLoad: 26.40/23.20/23.20  Poly:7