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Miscellaneous Improvements, Undo?, Randomness, Layer Rules

Possible Falcon improvements

Note-scalable envelopes: So far, AHD, DAHDSR, Multi Envelope, and Step Envelope have the Snap to Grid feature for x-axis / time quantisation.
It would be nice to have a similar feature for the y-axis, so we could use these envelopes for note values. (Based on a pitch mod amount of 12 semitones maybe.)

Multi Envelope restart on higher levels: At the moment, Step envelope is the only envelope which has this ability, but it cannot provide all the cool features Multi Envelope has.

For the sake of clarity, it would be good if, when clicking on a modulation source, all mod destinations instead of just one would be displayed in the mod editor. For now, you have to investigate in Tree view which mod destinations are connected to what mod sources.  

Step Envelope: hint on Step number. With its (max.) 128 steps, editing is sometimes a shot in the dark.
At least in Zoom Edit, numbers or different colours for every 4th, 6th, 8th step (depending on time signature) could help.

Step Envelope: Groove. By adding a 'Groove Amount' option this powerful mod source could be enhanced even more.

VU Meter as an analysis tool on Program and Layer levels could help to avoid (unwanted) signal overload.

Wavetable builder. The only way to create Wavetables inside Falcon is by using images, which is often useful but not always what you want.

Add Modulation for Script Processors. Currently their parameters can only be assigned to host automation, Midi CC and Macros. Mod mapping isn't available.

Various Notes

Summary of random elements in Falcon:                                                                                                                                               #top

  • Creating random patterns:
    Step Line Event Processor: random pitch, velocity, number of steps
    Step Arp Event Processor has multiple possibilities for randomization
    Mod Mapper preset 'Randomize'
  • Realtime random modulation:
    LFO (Random Sample&Hold, Chaos Lorenz, Chaos Rossier)
  • Creating random one-shot elements:
    External / Other / Random
    External / Other / Unipolar Random
    Polyphonic Seq: random start of the sequence you've created

Layer Rules:                                                                                                                                                                                                  #top
Layer Rules are accessible via Left Side Bar / List view, wrench tool . It allows you to switch between Layers.
Its not meant to crossfade between sounds of different Layers (use a modulation (mapper) for that), but to trigger new notes of a different Layer after a given condition is fullfilled (for example a certain key is pressed, specific Midi CC values are received).

After clicking the aforementioned wrench icon, a new window will appear ('Layer Rules Editor'), where you will be prompted to add a new rule. After doing so ('Add root rule'), you have to add a sub-rule:

In case you want to switch between two Layers, repeat this so you have two sub-rules. Now click on the Root Rule selection box.

In the example below I've chosen the Mod Wheel to switch between the two Layers:

Don't forget to assign the sub-rule to the appropriate target Layer.
In Falcon's Factory library, Experimental folder, there is a  nice Program called Auto Caroussel, which uses Layer Rules (Circle  = Round Robin in that case).