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Envelope Followers

Default installation path: .../Env/Follower

Default installation path Flexor: ...-=Flexor=-/Cv/

DspLoad 14.50/11.20/11.30

Poly: 15

DspLoad 1.40/1.40/1.30

DspLoad 16.60/13.40/13.40

Poly: 15

DspLoad 24.70/21:40/21.40

Poly: 15

(Old version)

DspLoad 11.60/8.30/8.40

Poly: 16

DspLoad 16.80/9.50/11.60

Poly: 16

Threshold Follower is an envelope generator with a threshold that is compared to the incoming audio signal's amplitude. When the signal's amplitude exceeds the selected threshold, the envelope's attack stage is triggered.

When the signal falls below the threshold the envelope enters the release stage.

The envelope's behaviour is linear.


This parameter sets the threshold on which the audio switches from attack or release. If the

audio input is louder than the threshold, the envelope will switch to attack stage and rise. If it is

lower then the threshold, the envelope will switch to the release stage and fall.

(Flexor Manual)