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Multisegment Envelopes (S|C)

Default installation path: .../Env/Multi Segment/

Bug: inaccurate, random update of display on preset change.

This is only true for the ModIII and Mod2(V2) shell. Mod2(V1) shell updates the display properly.

ModIV version works correctly if only one instance is used.

For Flexor Multisegment Envelope Modules, see Flexor MSG.

DspLoad 1.10/1.10/1.10

DspLoad 0.80/0.70/0.80

ModIV version:

(partially) fixed multiSegm module: working correctly if only one instance is used, problems (see above: Bug) still occur when using several instances.

Free Envelope CWM

An Envelope that you can draw with the mouse.

Input: Gate.

Outputs: unipolar and bipolar signals.


Decay - the overall time the envelope is running.

Dezip - to smoothen envelope output.

gfx on/off - to turn on/off grafical representation of envelope time position.

Preset list to save/recall envelope.

DspLoad 11.60                                     CWM download