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Envelope modules Flexor

Main directory.

Default installation path: ...-=Flexor=-/Envelopes/

"Esync is a module that provides polyphony management for  Flexor envelopes. It processes a gate input together with an envelope input to generate an Esync signal which is fed-back to the MVC. The Esync signal reports the position of each envelope to the MVC which uses this information for managing polyphony. Use this module with Flexor's amp envelopes for the best results. When a  S|C envelope is used as an amp envelope this module is unnecessary."

(Flexor manual)

DspLoad: 8.70/5.60/5.50

"converts MVC gate signals into a classic on/off (1/0) gate signal. It is very light on DSP, and can be used together with control smoother for generating a simple envelope."

(Flexor Manual)

GateOn> +1 on [Out]

GateOff> +1 on [Inv]

Dsp load: 0.90