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general controls:

Attack -the time it takes for the module to react after the threshold has been crossed.

Release -how quickly the module stops processing after the threshold level has been crossed.

Thresh - the level at which the module is beginning to process the signal.

Default installation path: .../Effects/Dynamic/

Ratio: relation value (input level:output[compressed] level).

(Ratio 1:1=no effect, inf:1=max effect.)

                                                  dspLoad 3.50/6.60/3.50

a special-purpose compressor. The level  of the SideChain (SCI) signal remains constant, while the signal fed into the module (In) is attenuated according to level variations of the sideChain signal. (Ratio: 1:1=no effect, inf:1=max effect.)                                       dspLoad 3.50/6.60/3.50

the module attenuates the lower passages while leaving the louder ones unaffected.(Ratio: 1:1=no effect, 10:1=max effect.)                      

                                                 dspLoad 8.40/5.10/5.10

Similiar to Compressor. Attack and Release value should be greater than zero to avoid distorted sound.

(Ratio: 1:1=no effect,  inf:1=max effect.)

                                                 dspLoad 3.50/6.60/3.50

only input signals with amplitude higher than threshold level pass through. Floor: ”dry” (not gated) sound.  

(Thresh -96, Floor 0=no effect; Thresh 0, Floor -96=max effect)                                        dspLoad 3.40/6.60/3.30

2 channel standard compressor.

For standard applications, input has to be connected to input jacks as well as side chain inputs.

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