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Default installation path: .../Drum/

Basic concept of these modules:

direct midiIn connection (in-built DVC)

alternatively a gate input (can be connected with seq modules)

in-built AD or AHD envelopes (for pitch and amp modulation)

preset list for fast loading + saving sounds.

presets: heavy bd + sd sounds, also perc & toms alà Roland

drum machines.

1 sine + 1 noise Osc.

Osc2/noise: Color = basic tone.


the most flexible drum module.

presets:HH, BD, SD, toms, percussion.

2 sine + 1 noise Osc.Sine1 is master over sine2.

Osc1: Tune:overall tune. Osc2: detune relative to Osc1 (>toms).


combination of 3 Oscillators and a noise source. NzBPF: filters the noise to “tune” the sound. VCA / envelope not included (VCA required)


presets: bd, toms, and other percussion.

1 sineOsc.


loads *.wav or *.aif files.

Dsp Load dsp1: 0.90/0.90/0.00

Dsp Load dsp3: 1.70/1.80/2.70

"drum MVC” (for single notes). Vel input:default velocity value if triggerded by a gate signal.                 DspLoad:0.00

typical use: Hihats                                       DspLoad: 0.00

modular 8track sequencer, designed especially for use with the DrumOscillator modules.       DspLoad: 0.00

Sync:to SyncIn of the PatternSeq (if used)

Reset:to MVC gateOut->GateOr or to start/ stop module

Clock: to clock divider

PSQ: to PatternSeq (if used)

PNo.: to PS32 pattern switcher (only if PSQ is not connected)

Out1-8:MidiOuts to Midi In of DrumOscillators or MidiToTrig modules

Options:normal/accent vel. settings, mute+solo

Link: to give a clock signal to other seqmodule/s

Grid edit key commands:

1=no trigger 2=normal 3=accent

(use arrow keys to navigate.)

DspLoad: massive (ca. 3-4 dsps)

8-instrument drum module by Fra77.

Planetz download

sine/square/sawUp/sawDn/tri/noise wave => 12dB bp filter. with 2AD EGs for pitch and filter mod and 1AD EG for amp mod.

CwmModulesDusty download     dspLoad:.50/15.20/15.90

sine carrier Osc like in FM operator module, with in-built modulator sine Osc for freqMod. carrier sine goes to 6dB Hp filter. mod inputs for:

carrierFrq, 2xmodulatorFrq, modulator mod amount, modulator EG attack + decay times, gain.

CwmModulesDusty download  dspLoad: 22.10/18.80/18.80

with pitch mod input + amount control, att, hold and dec mod inputs + amount. gain + gain mod controls; time range for Att,Hold and Dec 0-9.3sec.

dsp1Load: 3.70/0.00/0.00 dsp3Load 6.60/10.40/10.3

CwmModulesDusty download

as above, but samples / wave files are not remembered by Modular preset list.

CwmModulesDusty download

not exactly a drum module. it’s a phase modulation module with 2 multiOscs, 2 ADs, a dsp delay and a 24dB lp filter.


osc1>dsp delay>mix2

osc2 controls the delaytime of the dsp delay.

CwmModulesDusty download      dspLoad 20.20/17.00

CWmodular modules have mod inputs for some (basic) parameters.