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Default installation path: .../Effects/Distortion/

See also Shapers for that purpose.

controls bit precision. Range off (=32bit) to 1 bit.   Also suitable as a quantizer for control signals.

<- bitQuantizer 6bit to 0 bit loop. Input is a sine wave.

dspLoad 0.50/0.60/0.50

the bit resolution and sample rate of the incoming signal can be altered (it is resampled within the module). Sample rate can be modulated. On/Off knob for Bitdepth is not working.

dspLoad 2.60/5.70/2.40

distortion by clipping.                      dspLoad 1.40/1.40/1.30

<- Two Distortion modules connected one after another turn any sine or saw control signal into a perfect square wave. Input is a sine wave.

nice christmas freebie by Wolf Audio Design with preset list and Mod input. Great sound and lots of controls to tweak!

dspLoad 17.20/14.70/13.40

Wolf-Audio download

similiar sound as Dist module.         dspLoad 1.20/1.10/1.20

simulation of a 12AX7 triode.         dspLoad 6.50/3.30/3.30

mild saturation effect.                   dspLoad 7.20/4.00/4.00

2 channels version of the above.  dspLoad 10.10/6.90/6.90

mild saturation effect.                   dspLoad 6.40/3.10/3.20

2 channels version of the above.    dspLoad 9.50/6.50/6.50

2 channels version of the above.    dspLoad 7.40/4.10/4.20

resulting waveforms (below) of sine resp. saw waves (above) connected to wShaperSi.

shapes audio into square-like waves dspLoad 5.30/2.10

2 channel version of ECC83 simulation

CWM download.    

2 channel version of ECC83 simulation, incl. lowcut and highcut eq.

CWM download    

2 channel version overdrive fx.

CWM download