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BBDelay PShift

Bucket Brigade Delay with 8 delays and 8 Pitch Shifters.

-delaytimes can be set freely ('manual') or tempo-synced ('clock divider').
-each Delay has it's own volume and pan settings. 'Gain0' and 'Pan0' are settings for the dry signal.
-each Delay can be switched off. In this case, this delayline is skipped, giving a different rhythmic pattern.
-each Delay sends it's output to a Pitch Shifter.
-if 'continuous mode' is chosen,  the input volume of the Pitch Shifters is constantly set to maximum.
-if 'ducking mode' is chosen, the input volume of the Pitch Shifters is modulated by the Compressor.
-the Compressor input is a ConstantValue set to max; the Compressor side-chain input is the BBDelay audio input.
-the outputs of the Pitch Shifters are collected, sent to stereo Lp and Hp filters, and then fed back.
-after the Feedback circuit, signal is sent to a Bp filter. It's cutoff freqency can be modulated by an Lfo.

Notes & Tips:
-in the Soundcloud demo, there are six short examples of use, which roughly fall into two categories: One Shot and Pad.
As you can hear, this device, with some quirky PShifter tunings, can produce quite artificial results.
On the other hand, if avoiding disharmonic values for PSh CoarseTune, using small FineTune values,  and Pan, it can nicely expand and broaden Pad sounds.
-first try 'continuous mode'. Ducking mode is a bit tricky.
-Pitch Shifters have their own 'built-in' delay, which varies, depending on the TimeRange setting. This results in unprecise tempo sync.
To compensate this behaviuor,  adjust the Tempo setting accordingly; eg on 120 bpm and for TR setting of 1050, try setting tempo to 122 or 123 bpm.

Download device: here
Download some Presets here