SyncStep: audiorate sequencer synth. It consists of four main parts:
(Yellow:) two MVCs- one for sequence and envelope triggering, the other for pitch. If set to different Midi channels, pitch can be altered while a sequence is running.
(Green:) four sequencers - Gate, Note, Unipolar and Bipolar control.
(Blue:) Adsr and  Ad envelopes, triggered by the Gate Sequencer. MultiLfo can be triggered by (Trigger) MVC, or GateSeq, or can be free-running.

(Red:) Synth parameters. Two OSCs with xFade, Distortion1, Filter, Distortion2, Modulation VCA, EndVCA with EQ, Pan, FxFeed, InsertFx.

- can played like a 'normal' synth by choosing 'No Modulation' in the ModVCA section. In this case the EndVCA envelope alone is in charge for volume modulation.
- instead of the Bpm clock, a Frequency knob can determine the tempo.
- all parameters which can be modulated by sequencers have blue text; connected modulation targets are displayed as lit LEDs near modulation sources.
- FxFeed provides that only specified portions of a sequence are processed by InsertFx devices.
- EndVCA/AdsrEnv<->FreeRun: By choosing FreeRun the sequencer runs forever w/o intervention.
- Polyphony (No of Voices, top right): depends on available Dsps. Some parts of the device are located on the same dsp chip.
- Various Preset Lists for Sequencers, and Synth parameters.
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