Fooxer: a Loop-mixing device. Mix and loop two stereo signals.

1: input gain and VU.
2: select one of four loop delay lines.
3: delaytime defined by Clock Divider (synced to midi clock)
4: select loop delay rhythm - punctuated, straight, triplet.
5: choose Clock Divider or potentiometer delay time.
6: delaytime defined by potentiometer (not synced).
7: master gain and VU.
8: select loop mode:
9: manual loop mode - switch on loop in turning fader to the right.
10:random loop mode - choose when a random loop will probably occur.
11:random loop mode - choose how often a random loop will probably occur.
12:sequenced loop mode - choose steps to be looped. For Ramp retriggering, use midi notes.
13:12dB Lp and Hp filters.
14:three insert Fx with dry/wet crossfade.
15:independent channel1<->channel2 crossfades for bass, mids and highs
16:crossover frequencies for Low-Mid and Mid-High
17:link/unlink button - if linked, all three crossfaders will react the same.
18:don't forget to set appropriate bmp number.
19:recognized sample rate and Ulli values. If these values don't match, change and then change back to original value.
20:Preset Lists for sequenced loop modes.
Discussion on planetZ: here

Download device: here  

Installation: if you don't already have it, copy HostStatVCP100.dll to .../App/Dll.