type: mono synthesizer

features/modules: two MultiOscs with waveshapers, SineOsc, NoiseOsc, Lfo, Adsr and Ad envelopes, 24dB Lowpass and Highpass filters, two double delays, three pitch modulators, two mix2 and mix3 modules, Volume modulator, two linear VCAs, exponential VCA, two Constant Value modules, Portamento control, Aftertouch smooth contrrol, eight-step Gate/Control/Pitch sequencer, two pan modules, two VUs.
- source modules can be freely connected to destination modules via the matrix.
- almost all modules are on the same dsp (except sequencer modules and delays). Hence max. samplerate for PCI card users is 48kHz.
- CMS-1 is the first Scope device using ScopeSync.  ScopeSync had been developed by W. Ellis, Sharc and J. Brandt but for this device heavily expanded by Will alone.  

CMS-1 setup, including CWM-1 device and Plug-In can be downloaded here.
The default installation path for the device is ...\Devices\Scope Sync\CWModular\
Soundcloud snippets: here  
Discussion on planetz: here