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*horizontal* mixers. Various models are available:

DAWmix20+12, with 20 stereo and 12 mono channels
DAWmix24, with 24 stereo channels
DAWmix32, with 32 stereo channels

Common features:
No pan, no filter (except a simple Hp), as this can be controlled by your DAW.
Presets for All Parameters, Gain, Track Color, Track names.
Per channel: 4 Aux, 4 Busses, Mute, Solo, ColorSelect
Aux: 2 Inserts
Bus: 2 Inserts
Master: EQ, 4 Inserts
All unused channels, Aux, and Busses can be dectivated to save Dsp.

Download devices:
DAWmix20+12 and DAWmx32: here
DAWmix24: here
click on the respective name above.
Discussion on PlanetZ: here