Module splits input into two signals with different frequency ranges.

1-pole highpass filter for stereo signals.

Filter modules originally made for Vocoder, but can be used for other purposes as well.
Tip: use different audio signals (oscs) both for in and mod inputs.

Filter modules

1-pole lowpass filter for stereo signals.

4-pole lowpass filter.

4-pole multimode filter.

Fx modules

4 delays which can be looped.  

SwDelays: select which delay is used

DivFad1-4: choose whether fader or divider is used to control delaytime

Fader DT1-4: delaytime defined by fader

Divider1-4: delaytime defined by divider values

Rhythm 1-4: divider rhythm (p, straight, triplet)

X(loop): engage loop

Bpm: bpm settings (important to sync delays to DAW tempo)

Difference Stereo Chorus - StereoChorusX:
the X version can crossfade between dry and wet signal.

Insert for Stereo Fx.

Insert for 4 Stereo Fx. The order of the inserted Fx can be changed by using the 'Source' control.

Difference Stereo Phaser - StereoPhaserX:
the X version can crossfade between dry and wet signal.

PC delay, up to 5461ms delay time.
Inbuilt Clock Divider. Ulli and SampleRate settings are displayed just for informational purpose.