Mix modules

frequency-dependent crossfade between two stereo signals.

Stereo crossfade module.

Mix 2 module for stereo signals.

Stereo input signal can be amplified by up to 12dB.

3 destinations can freely be modulated by 4 modulation sources.

with preset lists for control values, destination names, source names.

this module can be extended by using the extra 'maInp1-4' and 'maOutp1-4' jacks.

Mix modules

4-channel mixer with two aux sends.

controls per channel:

gain, pan, auxSend1, auxSend2, auxGain1, auxGain2, aux1pre-post switch, aux2pre-post switch.

frequency-dependent crossfade between two single signals.

Mix 8 module with unipolar gain control.

Mix 8 module with bipolar gain control.

Panning module for stereo signals.