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Main directory.

Default installation path S|C: .../LFO

Default installation path Flexor: .../-=Flexor=-/LFOs/

a self-looping device that generates low frequency control signals based on what you 'draw'.

To use this module simply draw your own LFO patterns in real-time by dragging the Draw fader. Draw LFO is ideal for creating your own wave-shapes to modulate any parameter on another module (cutoff, resonance, amplitude and so on).

Draw: Drag this control to draw your waveform.

Hold: This control helps tune the time it takes from the moment the blue dot has stopped moving and the time the module stops recording the movement. (Flexor Manual)

DspLoad 11.60/8.30/8.40                            monophonic

As above, but you can "draw the two-dimensional Lfo patterns in realtime by dragging the point on the XY surface." (Flexor Manual)

DspLoad 18.30/15.10/15.10                         monophonic

Simple but dsp-wise “cheap” LFO with “Wheel” (=amplitude) control. Retrig input.

DspLoad 1.30

a low frequency oscillator that offers a selection of 128 different complex waveforms. It can be tuned by HZ or BPM and has a retriggering function.

It can be used for doing pattern based modulation of various parameters such as a filter's cutoff & resonance, an oscillator's frequency, the amplitude of an envelope and so on. (Flexor Manual)     Waveforms overview here

DspLoad  18.70/15.50/15.40                                 Poly;8

DspLoad  8.90/5.70/5.60                             

generates an accurate Ramp (saw-up) signal which is similar to the FleXor Aliasaw. Its output is typically connected to the Ramp input of a FleXor Sequencer, Switch, or granular device to dictate playing that module's steps in sequential order. Use Gate signals from an MVC to re-trigger Ramp Mk2, and use the Phase knob to set the point the ramp signal is re-triggered from. The frequency of the generated ramp signal can be specified in Hz or in BPM. Note: Ramp MK2 can also be used as an LFO when combined with FleXor’s NBL Shapers. (Flexor Manual) DspLoad 16.40/13.20/13.10                      Poly;8

older version of the above, with less dsp load.

DspLoad 11.60/8.30/8.40                                    Poly;13

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